Walters Group

Rewarding staff for performance is key to building a loyal and productive workforce.

Walters Group was in search of a gift that could be given out to their employees to reward them for working without a loss time injury.

Over time, PromoPlace has come to know the Walters Group’s brand very well. They lead the industry in architectural steel design and manufacturing. Being a leader means they reflect quality and hard work and what they hand out needs to match their brand. To motivate employees to work safe, it was important to give a reward that they actually would want or use. With this all in mind, PromoPlace recommended custom cooler bags and stainless steel water bottles.

The Vice President of Walter’s Field Services commented, “your (suggested) product was much better quality than other samples we received”. At the end of the day, their employees received a valuable gift that motivated them to think twice about safety.

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