Paris to Ancaster Bike Race

A simple momento can be the best way to celebrate a special moment.

The organizers at the Paris to Ancaster Bike Race were looking for a small gift that they could hand out to every participant to commemorate 25 years of the event.

They liked the idea of creating a custom medal. They were thinking along the lines of a military style medal. After some research, PromoPlace recommended doing a medal in the shape of a gear so that is relevant to the Bike Race. It was still a type of a “military medal” in the sense that it pinned on the same way and has a similar ribbon.

The medals were exactly what the organizers had imagined! The item turned out great and arrived on time. Participants were so happy to each receive a momento that they could cherish for years to come!

To find out more about the Ancaster to Paris Bike Race, check out their website at

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