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 We are a full-service promotional products company that helps our customers use branded merchandise to thrive.

Just like your ads or company vehicles, the things you choose to put your company name on say a lot about your brand.

You want people to associate your name with quality, intelligence and longevity. You want your brand to be the first to come to mind for both your current and future customers. And you want those thoughts to be 100% positive! For your staff, you want to see them smartly uniformed, looking like a strong team and, of course, feeling motivated and proud to be a part of your company.

After all, the success of your business lies with people — whether staff or customers — and you want them to know it. That’s where Promo Place comes in! With the right branded apparel and gifts, people can be rewarded for their business or service. They can feel great about your company, and your brand can experience growth.

You’ve probably noticed that choosing the right gifts or apparel requires more than access to thousands of options. Finding great products that actually last requires someone willing to take the time to understand the brand message and values you want to reflect, and then filter through the possibilities for the best products to represent your company — for now, and down the road.

Promo Place is where you will find help to source and customize the right promotional products and apparel. We believe that employees and customers are key to a thriving business, and we would like to play a small part in helping make sure the people most important to your business feel recognized, and your brand is remembered.

It all starts with a phone call or email. We’re always glad to talk to you to understand your needs. We’ll look through our database of thousands of promotional products and apparel to come up with smart options that will help you say the right thing, for a price that’s right.

If you’re looking for apparel, our in-house embroidery and screen-printing shop will make sure your brand always looks sharp and your order is completed fast. Because it’s all done on site, we control the quality and the speed.

Of course, if you’re looking for something especially unique, we have great relationships with local and international manufacturers able to produce that something special. Our team is always excited to help you bring those original and memorable ideas to life.

Next time you need to show someone that you care, call us. From the first call with our friendly staff to the on-time delivery, you’re going to love the way we take care of you!

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